e-market of the eastern province

The fully-fledged e-commerce platform, is the newest cyber market space created exclusively for the eastern province of Sri Lanka. The platform connects prospective buyers and sellers acting as an intermediary between them for free. The platform enables buyers and sellers effectively engage in trading activities in the comfort of their homes.

A wide array of products is listed on the website by authorized sellers of Buyers can find an extensive range of products on sale including consumer electronics, automobiles, construction materials, groceries, furniture, garments, cosmetics and even livestock. enables not only goods suppliers and individual sellers but also service providers to connect with customers.  There is a wide array of categories on the platform dedicated for all the services you can think of including educational services, health services, transport services and tourism related services and more. Thus, buyers can connect with the service providers conveniently. It is the only e-commerce platform of its type in Sri Lanka that seamlessly facilitates almost all the types of trading activities via a single platform exclusively for the Eastern province. is a comprehensive online marketing platform for tech-savvy buyers and sellers in the Eastern province. After a simple login process, sellers can post ads on the platform within few minutes without going through any complicated time-consuming service processes. Thus, the process of posting advertisements is fast and easy. The website ensures transparency and reliability of sellers as all the advertisements are posted after a verification process. Buyers can either purchase products online or contact the supplier directly for further clarifications and proceed ahead. On sellers’ point of view, is the perfect platform to reach potential buyers.

For time-strapped today’s traders, ads can easily be posted by contacting via WhatsApp without logging into the personal ad account. Since the website itself posts advertisements, the credibility of the platform is completely ensured. Posting basic advertisements are entirely free of charge, which creates a favourable market space for small-scale and individual sellers. To reserve top positions on the website, sellers can opt for paid advertisements and premium ads which in return offers greater visibility and reach for a few bucks.

This area-specific online platform makes people’s life easier than ever. The website is a one-stop shop for all commercial needs and ideal for the modern-day consumer. The dedicated service provided to the Eastern province makes stands out from the conventional e-commerce sites. Not only locals but also tourists who intend to visit the eastern province can find required services easily on  This feature makes unique and useful in many aspects. is a great exemplar of utilizing the modern technology in fruitful ways which in turn embodies economic benefits. The website will sooner become one of the most sought-after area specific online market spaces with its rapid growth of buyers and sellers base. The concept of is distinctive as it facilitates buyers to shop for every single need under one-roof at their fingertip.

Now anyone in the eastern province can post ads to make anything sell fast with (

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