Yala National Park

This is Sri Lanka’s most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka. This is situated at the south-east part of Sri Lanka spanning to 979 sq. km and 300km away from Colombo. The park is well renowned for its wildlife conservations, especially the conservation of Sri Lankan Elephants, aquatic birds and beach coastline with magnificent coral reefs. Yala National Park is also home to a large number of important cultural ruins from the ancient Sri Lankan civilizations where some of them date back more than a thousand years and show a high level of cultural development.

Arranging a wildlife safari in Sri Lanka is another popular feature of Sri Lankan tourism. Similarly going on a wildlife tour to Yala National Park from Arugam Bay is one of the greatest excursions that travelers could cherish forever. There are a number of land rovers available in Arugam bay which could be hired for such purposes.